What’s this all about?

I started the Arthur Recreates blog in 2011 when Arthur was about two months old. I took the first picture (Arthur Recreates Alien) on a whim and posted it on Facebook for friends, and the idea stuck.
A month or so after I started the blog it suddenly went viral, attracting over half a million visitors. I was contacted by a Swedish tabloid newspaper, Arbetet, who wanted to feature the pictures. Within a couple of weeks, I had a press agent and the pictures had been in the Metro and Daily Mail newspapers in the UK, as well as many websites and blogs including the Huffington Post and Flavorwire. America loved us – we were featured on ABCbs Good Morning America and Fox News, and NBC Today sent a film crew and a reporter to our house in Oxford to film me photographing Arthur. (They insisted on moving our sofa to get a good shot, revealing a nursing bra underneath it that I’d lost the previous week; not my most glamorous moment.) I was sent to a London TV studio late one night (I was in makeup straight after Nigel Farage) to do a live interview on The Morning Show on Australia’s Seven Network.
My favourite moment of craziness was when Marshall Bell, the actor who played Kuato in the film Total Recall, commented on our recreation of his big scene to say it was the best performance he’d seen. It was a heady peak for a film nerd.
Emily (Arthur’s mum)